Austrian Haiku Association Seeks Haiku from Africa

10 May 2018

Deadline: 15 July 2018

The Austrian Haiku Association has requested PEN SA to put out a call for submissions of haiku from writers from Africa.

Writes Sylvia Bacher of the Austrian Haiku Association (edited for length):

The Lotosblüte is the annual publication of the Austrian Haiku Association, containing mainly haiku and other related lyrics as well as relevant contributions (critical treatises, book reviews) from members.

For the 2018 edition haiku from Africa will be a main topic. In this context we would need help in contacting poets, who, apart from a brief biographical sketch, could provide a few of their, preferably African-themed haiku for publication and the permission to translate their lyrics into German and possibly also into French. If authors can translate themselves it would be advantageous.

We cannot offer a fee for publication, but each poet whose haiku are included will receive a specimen copy.

Submissions and queries may be made to