Asylum by Marcus Low

05 Sep 2017
Asylum by Marcus Low

Barry James is detained in a quarantine facility in the blistering heat of the Great Karoo. Here he exists in two worlds: the discordant and unforgiving reality of his incarceration and the lyrical, snowy landscapes of his dreams. He has cut all ties with his previous life, his health is failing, and he has given up all hope. All he has to cling to are the meanderings of his restless mind, the daily round of pills and the journals he reluctantly keeps as testimony to a life once lived.

And then there’s an opportunity to escape. But to escape what? And where to? Can there be a life to go back to? Is there still a world out there in the barren wasteland beyond the fence?

About the author
Asylum is the debut novel of Marcus Low, who is based in Cape Town. Low has an MA in creative writing from the University of Cape Town and is currently pursuing his PhD in epidemiology. He previously worked as policy director at the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), and now edits the public health magazine Spotlight.

Date of Publication: March 2017
ISBN: 9781770105133
Publisher: Pan Macmillan South Africa