A Half Moon Adventure by Evadeen Brickwood (Birgit Bottner)

13 Sep 2018
A Half Moon Adventure by Evadeen Brickwood (Birgit Bottner)

As if growing up in the seventies wasn’t difficult enough, teenager Isabell Bertrand is also too rebellious for her parents’ liking. A novel treatment with hypnosis appears to be the perfect remedy and Dr. Albrecht regresses Isabell to her early childhood and even further back. She experiences previous lifetimes and then one in particular: could this beautiful young woman in a silk sari, who was forced to choose between two men, really once have been her? Years later, Isabell is invited to a wedding in Pakistan and memories of a forgotten love come flooding back – with dangerous consequences.

About the author:
Evadeen Brickwood (Birgit Bottner) grew up in Germany and studied cultural sciences and languages. She travelled extensively as a young woman and many of her books are inspired by her experiences abroad. Feeling adventurous as a newly qualified translator, Evadeen moved to Africa in 1988 and worked for two years as a secretary and language teacher in Botswana. The author eventually settled in South Africa, where she met and married her German husband and raised 2 daughters. Evadeen studied computers and management of training and worked as a corporate software trainer, professional translator and lecturer at WITS University. She began writing youth novels in the ‘Remember the Future’ series in 2003, about time travel adventures in prehistory. The first book in the series, ‘Children of the Moon’, has been published twice in South Africa and translated into German. It won the Book Talk Radio Club Award 2017 in the Science Fiction category. Evadeen has been a member of PEN since 2006 and lives with her family in Johannesburg.

ISBN: 978-0-9946919-6-5
Publication date: 2018
RRP: R 239 incl. VAT
Distributor: Copper Birch