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International Translation Day

On Monday 30th September PEN International will be celebrating International Translation Day. As a country endowed with eleven official languages, South Africa is well placed to appreciate the importance of translation in making texts written in one language accessible to...

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Off-Ramp by Gary Cummiskey

Off-ramp is the debut short fiction collection of Gary Cummiskey and consists of ten stories often characterised by a surreal eroticism. Set mainly in contemporary South Africa, the book opens with a young man’s hallucinatory encounter with a derelict in...

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Walk by James Whyle

Walk is the story of a journey taken on foot, a deadly perambulation down the wild coastline of Southern Africa. It started at Lambasi in northern Pondoland and it ended not far from what we now know as Port Elizabeth....

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The Sculptors of Mapungubwe by Zakes Mda

The Sculptors of Mapungubwe is Mda’s first novel since 2009’s bestselling Black Diamond. The narrative centres on the timeless kingdom of Mapungubwe where the royal sculptor has two heirs, Chata and Rendani. As they grow, so grows their rivalry –...

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The Sculptors of Mapungubwe