Monthly Archives: July 2013

Five Lives at Noon by Brent Meersman

A young black woman and a young white man return from exile in London. A human rights lawyer searches for a missing comrade and his own redemption. An ex-South African Defence Force soldier descends into the carnage of the civil...

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Five Lives at Noon

Water Music by Margie Orford

When an emaciated child is found on an icy Cape mountainside, profiler Dr Clare Hart is baffled that no one has reported her missing. Where does she come from, who does she belong to? To further complicate matters, a distraught...

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Water Music

Displaced by Russell H Kaschula

Russell Kaschula’s delightful and provocative stories explore the complexities of living in the intercultural spaces of Southern Africa, reflections born out of his own history and experiences. Depicting a truly South African identity, the stories are told without bigotry, condescension...

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