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Nineveh by Henrietta Rose-Innes

There’s an out-of-control swarm of insects hampering the completion of Nineveh, a luxury estate outside Cape Town. When Katya Grubbs, proprietor of Painless Pest Relocations, is called in, she discovers far more to exorcise than the mysterious infestation. Her own...

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Worst Case by Jassy Mackenzie

P.I. Jade de Jong’s holiday becomes a nightmare when a dive instructor at the scuba resort is found brutally stabbed to death. The only clue is a cryptic postcard in her room. Jade and her estranged lover David Patel put...

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Worst Case

Children of the Sands by Pieter Scholtz

Children of the Sands is a tale about the Kalahari desert, the Kgalagadi, and about the creatures who inhabit it, especially one little meerkat named Twinkle. The tale revolves around two young people, Lindiwe and Rudi and their battle for...

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Children of Sands

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